My Intentions

Choosing a Montessori Education
For Your Child is a
Monumental Decision. 

I'm here to share information and offer insights. I think you'll be inspired.

Some questions  that you can expect to explore here are:

What is Montessori Education?

How is it different from conventional education?

What are the benefits of a ME?

Is ME for all children?

Who was Maria Montessori?

How does ME promote peace?

Let this be a place to explore and ponder the power, beauty, and wisdom of Maria Montessori's vision for human potential and world peace.


What is the Secret of Childhood?

Maria Montessori's vision and practical application  for educating children and creating a more peace-filled world is nothing less than extraordinary. I like to explain the extraordinary through a  series of simple questions:

What is the goal of Montessori Education?

The goal of ME is to unveil and nurture the potential of the child.
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What is the process that leads to the goal of unveiling human potential in early childhood?
It is the process of normal human development.
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Normal? What does that mean?
It simply means that the child is allowed to develop without restrictions and oppressive elements such as adult interference and dominance. 

What is the fundamental principle that allows normal development to occur in a young child?
Liberty. The child must be free to engage in the process of self-construction, which is the task of childhood.
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Self-construction? What does that mean?
There is purpose and meaning at every stage of life. Childhood is not a holding period until one reaches adulthood. It is the stage during which the child actively creates the adult she will eventually become.
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Back to liberty? If the children are all free, isn't that chaos? How can learning take place in chaos?
It is not chaos at all. The child is free to follow the inner directives that subconsciously guide her learning  and development.


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